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The GoPro generation – Too much, or not enough?

Watching the GoPro production of maniac (and brilliant) base jumper Jeb Corliss crash into the base of table mountain, makes me realise just how the lines between sport and entertainment are truly blurring.

Similar I suppose to the RedBull sponsored Stratos project, which saw millions of people break Youtube in a vein attempt to see Felix fall to earth (you KNOW thats why you all watched really) due largely to shortened attention spans, it appears sport today is becoming more about the moments, than the mastery.

I get it! In fact I endorse and agree with the need to package live sporting content for social media streams as F1 and the NBA are started doing in real time, largely for second and third screen viewing to create relevance amongst new sports fans.

However, and here’s my point, we still need to ensure we create enough hype and awareness around the full game, the stadium experience, the smell of the hot-dog stand and the goose-bumps of a national anthem being sung by 50,000 people or we run the risk of focussing so closely on our timelines, we forget that the actual sport is far larger than the sum of its individual micro-moments.

Simply put, if we aren’t careful, the GoPro generation through its desire to experience life on a timeline could materially change the way sport is actually played, not just consumed.

Makes you think!