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Top Gear – Lessons from the Stig

We originally posted this in early 2016 when the BBC decided to retain the format of popular TV show Top Gear, knowing the 3 iconic presenters Clarkson, Hammond and May were all departing.

Flooding social media timelines, the mostly negative comments on the first episode its-always-the-children-who-suffer-the-stig-top-gearof “new” Top Gear screened on 1 June obviously have begged direct comparison to the old crew’s styles, patter, similar themed inserts and even highlightd the casual jokey delivery of studio links.

It has little to do with the actual quality of the new team to be fair, and was inevitable given the way in which the entire character of the show  was so closely aligned to the individual personalities of the dear-departed.

Its a bitter lesson in brand building, watching such an iconic, popular and influential programme being dramatically dissed on most platforms.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the programme disappear all together after its inaugural “new” season this year and hope the BCC do what they should have done to begin with – gather their collective talents together to create something, new and entirely devoid of references to the past programme.

A great pity, and a poorly handled rebirth of a brand that should have been re-invented not ressurected. 

Original Blog Below…

So unless you have been living in the boot of a reasonably priced car, you will pretty much know that the writing is on the test track tyre-wall for the once mighty BBC motoring institution Top Gear.

The edgy, and charismatic Jeremy Clarkson seems to have allowed his legendary ego to get the better of him once too often. and in an altercation around the provision of a hot meal, punched a producer for not doing his job. (The producer WAS Irish, but I’m not sure that alone is reason enough to swing a right hook?)

From the outside, objectively, the BBC are pretty much “damned-if-you-do”, “damned-if-you-dont” in the scenario planning of the future of their biggest selling franchise. At best they have publicly aired their dirty laundry surrounding the real personality of their affable, blokey, everyman presenter who is actually, if reports are to be believed, an ego-manical, celebrity-fuelled tosser. At worst, should they axe the iconic Clarkson, they will no-doubt pretty much succeeded in toppling a mighty franchise and global cash-cow.

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